Time Management for 2017

How we work, learn, and live has changed over the last 15 years.  To keep up with our rapidly evolving world, we need to meet the needs of the times.  That means we need to set aside time to learn new things and also manage our time well.  The good news is that it can be done!

A large part of learning today is self- taught, but we need to have the relevant resources to guide us through the process.  We also need to create a circle of people that we align with that will keep us grounded, motivated, encouraged, and be there for us when we are going through tough days.  This blog is dedicated to those people who are life-long learners and are also a support for others that they care about.

Below are three Time Management tools.  To be transparent, I haven’t tried them all.  The purpose of this article to list various options out there for people to be more productive.  The reader must make their own decision on the time management system to build for themselves.

If you need guidance, please email me at CoachAhsan@Gmail.com

Read, enjoy, and take action steps to be productive and mindful!

Here is a list for you:




  1. Basic: Free
  2. Plus: $34.99/year
  3. Premium: $69.00/ Year
  4. Business: Contact Evernote


  • Stay organized on all platforms
  • Clip webpages to save and review later
  • Create notes
  • Create Voice memos
  • Save and take images
  • Share note with others


Focus Booster:


This application combines Pomodoro technique with time tracking.



  1. Starter: Free
  2. Individual: $33/year
  3. Professional: $55/year

Monthly rates are also available.



  • Utilizes Pomodoro technique
  • Time tracking
  • Maintain focus
  • Reduce distractions
  • Time sheets
  • Understand work cycles to improve productivity
  • Reporting



Plans: Slack for Teams (monthly rates available)

  1. Free
  2. Standard: $6.67/ active user per month, billed annually
  3. Plus: $12:50/ active user per month, billed annually


  • Instant messaging
  • Team collaboration
  • Channels, Private Channels
  • Share files
  • Search
  • Notification
  • Various platforms
  • Integration
  • Custom build

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